The Smoothie Diet

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The Smoothie Diet, a 21-day program by health coach Drew Sgoutas, replaces one meal daily with a nutrient-packed smoothie. It emphasizes natural ingredients, supporting weight loss and overall health by providing essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins. Green smoothies, rich in leafy greens and fruits, promote satiety, beautiful skin, chronic disease prevention, and improved digestion, offering a convenient, healthy lifestyle solution.


In today’s hectic world, maintaining balanced nutrition can be difficult. The Smoothie Diet, a 21 days program by health coach Drew Sgoutas, provides a solution by replacing one meal daily with a nutrient-dense smoothie. This diet emphasizes natural ingredients to promote weight loss and overall health. Using fresh greens, fruits, and organic additives, it ensures essential nutrient intake and supports well-being. It’s especially beneficial for busy women, as green smoothies boost vegetable and fiber intake, reduce unhealthy snacking, and offer sustained energy. Benefits include healthier skin, hair, and nails, anti-aging effects, chronic disease prevention, and improved digestion. To stay healthy during holidays, practice portion control, use meal replacements, stay active, and avoid harmful food additives. Embrace green smoothies and informed dietary choices for lasting health and happiness.


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